Who We Are

We are an independent, fundamental Baptist Church.  By 'independent', we mean that we are not directly associated with or governed by any group, movement, or convention.  While we fellowship with other churches of like/similar faith and beliefs, we maintain full authority of our beliefs, teachings, and philosophies.  By 'fundamental', we mean that there are certain doctrines/teachings that we believe to be essential in order to have salvation, fellowship with other professing believers, and a right relationship with God.  Some examples of 'fundamentals' would be:

-Virgin Birth of Christ   -Literal Death & Resurrection of Christ   -Salvation by grace through faith in Christ   -Return of Christ   -Etc

What To Expect When You Arrive

*A group of 'everyday people', like you.

*A friendly church that is genuinely thankful you chose to join us for the days service.

*Quality child care for all services.

*An expository sermon from our current series.

*A traditional service.

*A variety in dress.  Feel free to wear whatever you have and know that you will be accepted.