Sunday Morning Series

Series Began 10/06/19

Among The Faithful?

My Spiritual Blessing

We All Need The Same Thing

Appreciating Our Inheritance

This Too Is Certain

This Is All I Can Do

A God Of Great Power

It Goes Both Ways

We Better Know This

This Should Be Expected

Don't Forget Where You Came From

Have We Gotten Over it?

Mindful Of Others

What Am I Connected To?

At Home In Us

I Must Know His Love

He Is Worthy Of Praise

Walking Worthy Of Salvation

I've Been Enabled

The "Why" For Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Produce...

Don't Make A Mess

We Have To Show Up

Don't Be Like Them

Struggling With Honesty

Is Anger Okay?

Getting Over Anger

Why We Work

Controlling Our Words

Grieving God

Bitter Believers And More

A Pattern Of Selflessness

Jumping To Conclusions

Distance Yourself

(New) I'm Responsible For...

The Little Things Are Big Things

Listen To Yourself

The Tendencey To Resist

My Way May Not Be The Right Way

Who Owes You

The Power To Bring Joy

Present For Others

Finding Joy In The Process

Taking What's Available

Rejoicing In Humiliation

A Promised Abundant Life

The Source Of My Sin

A Friendly Warning

God's Gifts To Believers

Responding To God's Word

A Humble Response

Bottom Line...They Just Don't Care

Identifying Those Without Credibility

Partiality And Discrimination

The Equality Of Sin

The Boomerang Of Mercy

Just Watch My Life

Works And Faith Working Together

The Risk Of Talking/Leading

Show Some Grace

Relationship Wisdom

The Unending Pursuit

Two Reasons Why

A friend Of The World And Enemy Of God

Choosing Envy

You Will Get What You Give

Inside And Outside

A Need For Brokenness

A Difficult Thing

Who Do You Think We Are?

Presuming On The Future

Stick With It

Be Careful How You Breathe

The Consistency Of Our God

In A World Of Liars...

Just Pray

Sing A Psalm

Why Even Pray?

God Can Use Me

He Is Our Creator

He Is Unchanging

He Is Our Provider

He Is Our Restorer

He Is Jealous

He Is Merciful

He Is Holy

He Is Our Comforter

He Is A Disciplinarian

He Is Above Us

He Is Aware...He Cares...And He Listens

He Is Omnipotent

He Is Omniscient

He Is Enough

He Is A Friend

He Is A God Of Peace

He Is Our Final Judge


 Sunday Evening Series

Series Began 01/05/20







Child Rearing

Biblical Manhood

Biblical Womanhood

Government Over God

Eternal Wealth

Obeying Government

Advice For Life

Knowing The Mind Of God


Inequality Among Individuals


Return Of Christ


Series Concluded 07/19/20

The NEED For Obedience

The Beauty Of Obedience

Overcoming Temptation

Follow Me

You Must Be Born Again

The Meat Of Obedience

No Self-Awareness

This Makes No Sense

Condemning The Guiltless

Doubting God?  You're Not Alone

Rebuked For No Repentance

Anyone Can Thank Him And...

What Are We Really Saying

Why So Fearful?

He's Mindful Of Me

Depriving God Of His Power

Thinking Like God

Let's Not Be Offensive

This Should Scare Us

Forgiveness: What Is Required

Rejoice In This

We Know When We're Wrong

Seeing This As A Need

Aware Of The Cost

The Cost Of Not Letting Go

Repurposing The Church

Leading By Example

Will We Serve?

Perks Of Christianity

We'll Be Glad We Did It

Abiding In Him

Purging For A Purpose

If You Are Hated, Know This

Could You Not...?

Perspective Changes What We See

Crisis In "Christianity"

The Reflex To Respond

Understanding Power

Refusing Anger And Bitterness

A Message Of Peace

Why?  We Know Why

Will It Be Finished

Why All the Emotions

A Missed Opportunity

That's Not Your Concern

The Mission Is Mine

What Is The Value Of His Words?

It Doesn't Feel Like Much, But...

Today Matters

Restoration:  An Essential Element

Everything Takes Time

Choosing My Attitude

Responding To My Critics

Too Lazy/Selfish To Work

Do The Job Right

Overcoming Insecurities

Serving With An Attitude

A Jumbled Up Prayer Life

Be Willing To Fight

God Will Fight For You

My Response Matters

The Relentless Attack Of The Enemy

Preparing For The Next Attack

A Natural Response To God's Goodness

Obedience Produces Joy

His Punishment Is Just

Unable To Enjoy His Goodness

Obedience For Nothing

Obedience Over Acquaintances (Friends)

The Struggle Never Stops

It's Okay To Have Passion


 Wednesday Evening Series

Series Began 07/22/20

What Is Our Hope?

Tapping Into His Resources

Confrontation Objectives

Is God's Word Good?

He Made A Change

Look At What God Can Do

Resisiting The Trend

(New) Sometimes I Forget

Time Reveals The Truth

A Generous Soul

Striving For A Blessing

Light For The Darkness

No Fear Necessary


Building A Legacy That Endures

You Must Have Done Something Wrong

Series Concluded 09/04/19

A Good Reason For Hard Times

Why Am I Here

God Will Fight For You

Protect Your Testimony

Encourager...Not A Dictator

Feeding Off Of Others

You MUST Forgive Because...

Compartmentalized Christianity

The Epistle Of Our Lives

Quitting Is Not An Option

Marketing Christianity

Seeing Jesus In Me

Our Focus Matters

Transitioning Into Glory

Mark This Eternal Date

I Have No Secrets

Maintaining Balance

A Fence Post Of Sin

My Ministry of Reconciliation

What An Amazing Transaction

Are We A Contributor

Prove It

Prove It - Part 2

Prove It - Part 3

Unequally Yoked - This Is A Problem

A Call To Holiness

Repentance Leads To Joy

Two Kinds Of Sorrow

Marks Of True Repentance

How To Be A Blessing

No Excuse for Not Giving

Our Love Proven

What Motivation

Reaping Financial Blessings

Don't Miss The Obvious

Our Opinion Doesn't Matter

That Was No Accident

What Crushes A Good Minister

We Must Be Thinkers

What Do You Want?

Getting A Good Reaction

Extending A Holy Kiss

(New) His Fingers In Your Ears

He Knows We Know Better

What Have You Done Lately

This Helps The Attitude

Living With Conviction

One Day Will Come Someday

Learned Behaivor

When Good News Becomes Great News

Walking With God

Follow His Cue

An Overlooked Need

Blurred Vision

Manipulated Emotions: Fear 

Good, Better, Best

Choosing Faith

Willing To Stand

Noah: A Return To Normalcy

Obedience Is A Choice

Think On These Things 

Your Life...Your Choice

What Is Love?

Choosing A Good Name

Will I Pray About This?

It Could Be Worse

It Really Is Up To You

You Can't Skip Step One

A Predictable Pattern

Words Matter

People Can Tell Where We've Been

A Struggle With Consistency

You Must Decide

Total Participation

Our Response Is Critical

This Can Be Scary

Why Am I Doing This

An Undeniable Truth

Habits For Thanksgiving

How To Miss The Joy Of The Season

A Goal For The End

Responding To Correction

You Had Your Chance

A Lesson In Humility

Attributes Of A Man God Used

Do I Love Him

It's A Good Start, But...

Perfection Is Not Required

Dealing With Fear

Each Role Matters

Following Jesus: It Stops Being Fun

God Displeases Me

I'm Not Inferior