Sunday Morning Series

Series Began 10/06/19

Sunday Night Series

Series Began 01/05/2020

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 Sunday Morning Series


Series Began 10/06/19

Among The Faithful?

My Spiritual Blessing

We All Need The Same Thing

Appreciating Our Inheritance

This Too Is Certain

This Is All I Can Do

A God Of Great Power

It Goes Both Ways

We Better Know This

This Should Be Expected

Don't Forget Where You Came From

Have We Gotten Over it?

Mindful Of Others

What Am I Connected To?

At Home In Us

I Must Know His Love

He Is Worthy Of Praise

Walking Worthy Of Salvation

I've Been Enabled

The "Why" For Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Produce...

Don't Make A Mess

We Have To Show Up

Don't Be Like Them

Struggling With Honesty

Is Anger Okay?

Getting Over Anger

Why We Work

Controlling Our Words

Grieving God

Bitter Believers And More

A Pattern Of Selflessness

Jumping To Conclusions

Distance Yourself

I'm Responsible For...

Next Level Christianity

Don't Waste This Opportunity

(New) Am I Doing This Right


The Little Things Are Big Things

Listen To Yourself

The Tendencey To Resist

My Way May Not Be The Right Way

Who Owes You

The Power To Bring Joy

Present For Others


Finding Joy In The Process

Taking What's Available

Rejoicing In Humiliation

A Promised Abundant Life

The Source Of My Sin

A Friendly Warning

God's Gifts To Believers

Responding To God's Word

A Humble Response

Bottom Line...They Just Don't Care

Identifying Those Without Credibility

Partiality And Discrimination

The Equality Of Sin

The Boomerang Of Mercy

Just Watch My Life

Works And Faith Working Together

The Risk Of Talking/Leading

Show Some Grace

Relationship Wisdom

The Unending Pursuit

Two Reasons Why

A friend Of The World And Enemy Of God

Choosing Envy

You Will Get What You Give

Inside And Outside

A Need For Brokenness

A Difficult Thing

Who Do You Think We Are?

Presuming On The Future

Stick With It

Be Careful How You Breathe

The Consistency Of Our God

In A World Of Liars...

Just Pray

Sing A Psalm

Why Even Pray?

God Can Use Me


He Is Our Creator

He Is Unchanging

He Is Our Provider

He Is Our Restorer

He Is Jealous

He Is Merciful

He Is Holy

He Is Our Comforter

He Is A Disciplinarian

He Is Above Us

He Is Aware...He Cares...And He Listens

He Is Omnipotent

He Is Omniscient

He Is Enough

He Is A Friend

He Is A God Of Peace

He Is Our Final Judge