Sunday Evening Series

Series Began 10/07/18

The NEED For Obedience

The Beauty Of Obedience

Overcoming Temptation

Follow Me

You Must Be Born Again

The Meat Of Obedience

No Self-Awareness

This Makes No Sense

Condemning The Guiltless

Doubting God?  You're Not Alone

Rebuked For No Repentance

Anyone Can Thank Him And...

What Are We Really Saying

Why So Fearful?

He's Mindful Of Me

Depriving God Of His Power

Thinking Like God

Let's Not Be Offensive

This Should Scare Us

Forgiveness: What Is Required

Rejoice In This

We Know When We're Wrong

Seeing This As A Need

Aware Of The Cost

The Cost Of Not Letting Go

Repurposing The Church

Leading By Example

Will We Serve?

Perks Of Christianity

We'll Be Glad We Did It

Abiding In Him

Purging For A Purpose

If You Are Hated, Know This

Could You Not...?

Perspective Changes What We See

Crisis In "Christianity"

The Reflex To Respond

Understanding Power

Refusing Anger And Bitterness

A Message Of Peace

(New) Why?  We Know Why

Series Began 01/14/18

Today Matters

Restoration:  An Essential Element

Everything Takes Time

Choosing My Attitude

Responding To My Critics

Too Lazy/Selfish To Work

Do The Job Right

Overcoming Insecurities

Serving With An Attitude

A Jumbled Up Prayer Life

Be Willing To Fight

God Will Fight For You

My Response Matters

The Relentless Attack Of The Enemy

Preparing For The Next Attack

A Natural Response To God's Goodness

Obedience Produces Joy

His Punishment Is Just

Unable To Enjoy His Goodness

Obedience For Nothing

Obedience Over Acquaintances (Friends)

The Struggle Never Stops

It's Okay To Have Passion